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Your Main Street USA representative using the very latest technology can provide your current web site with a direct increase in traffic. More traffic means money for you.

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Are you tired of getting little or no response from your advertising? Do you want to stretch your advertising dollar, without investing in a whole web site until you know it can work for you?

These are the main problems of today's fastest growing industry. The Main Street Business Card Directory can help you in these problem areas. By placing three visual copies of your business card into 2 local and 1 international searchable directory, your customers are just three clicks away from your web site.

Take a look at the Main Street USA steps to success.

Main Street USA will take your business card(s) and enter that exact descriptive information, along with a copy of the card(s) into the business card directories. The information you provide will be displayed to prospective shoppers and salespeople. Important information like name of business, addresses, contact numbers and a direct link to your web site address and/or email address.

If you don't have a site, our team of web designers can design one for you. A consumer who visits the business card directory can find you by typing in your business name, city, state, or by the type of business you operate - here, you can provide prospective customers a great first impression.

Main Street USA was developed by professionals for today's buying market. The Internet is the most significant marketing vehicle since the invention of the television. With the Main Street USA Business Card Directory can increase the traffic to your web site or office with less expense, that's the value of the Internet - and the value the Main Street USA/NBCOL Program offers you.

Food For Thought

  • Most Web Sites cost between $800 & thousands of dollars, that's without advertising it..
  • By having your Web Site and business advertised on the Internet, you will have a decided advantage over local competitors.
  • The Internet is the most important new marketing frontier since the invention of the radio and the television.
  • The Internet is one of the most cost effective advertising mediums ever.


Try it! Add your card information at NO CHARGE.

Your account will remain for 30 days (one card / business).

Once your payment is received, your card page will be submitted to the major search engines, added to National Business Cards OnLine (NBCOL.COM & NET) and continue your presence on the Main Street database. That's only $99 for a full year (join the 3 site card rotation).

You can print your information page (add or edit page), and mail the page, your card (if not uploaded) with your check to your nearest Main Street representative, (who may offer you a discount) or to:

DP Dupont
c/o MS/NBCOL Business Cards
PO Box 537
Hudson, NH 03051

You get 3 web pages, each on a separate domain, a search engine submittal for your card pages, tripling your exposure, and you will be included in the 3 site card rotation for only $8.25/mo. for a full year ($33/site/year = $2.75/site/month).
It's the best opportunity on the NET!

Some Legal words...

Our web site is a family oriented web site. It is a directory of business cards, telephone numbers and addresses. It is offered as a business opportunity to independant representaives (consultants). These independant representatives have strict guidelines that must be adhered to. The Main Street USA ( and National Business Cards Online web sites (NBCOL.NET & NBCOL.COM) accept business cards from all sources. Some attempts are made to verify the accuracy of these submissions. Main Street USA and National Business Cards Online and employees, affiliates and business partners are not responsible for the completeness or accuracy of our database or the contents of ads place herein.

Main Street USA and National Business Cards Online do not refund any money paid for our service, all sales are final. If you are not satisfied with our service for any reason we will extend your service an extra 6 months for FREE.
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